pam_pkcs11: PKCS #11 PAM Module

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This Linux PAM module allows X.509 a certificate-based user authentication. The certificate and its dedicated private key are thereby accessed by means of an appropriate PKCS #11 module. For the verification of the users' certificates, locally stored CA certificates as well as online or locally accessible CRLs are used. Additionally, the package includes pam_pkcs11-related tools: * pkcs11_eventmgr: Generates actions on card insert, removal, or time-out events * pklogin_finder: Gets the login name that maps to a certificate * pkcs11_inspect: Inspects the contents of a certificate * make_hash_links: Creates hash link directories for storing CAs and CRLs Authors: -------- Mario Strasser <> Juan Antonio Martinez <> Antti Tapaninen <> Timo Sirainen <> Ludovic Rousseau <> Andreas Jellinghaus <> Dominik Fischer <> Ville Skyttä <>
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