perf: Performance Monitoring Tools for Linux

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This package provides a userspace tool 'perf', which monitors performance for either unmodified binaries or the entire system. It requires a Linux kernel which includes the Performance Counters for Linux (PCL) subsystem (>= 2.6.31). This subsystem utilizes the Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU) / hardware counters of the underlying cpu architecture (if supported).
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check-perf-trace-record IInfo.png

failed-syscalls-record IInfo.png

failed-syscalls-report IInfo.png

rw-by-file-record IInfo.png

rw-by-file-report IInfo.png

rw-by-pid-record IInfo.png

rw-by-pid-report IInfo.png

rwtop-record IInfo.png

rwtop-report IInfo.png

wakeup-latency-record IInfo.png

wakeup-latency-report IInfo.png

workqueue-stats-record IInfo.png

workqueue-stats-report IInfo.png

failed-syscalls-by-pid-record IInfo.png

failed-syscalls-by-pid-report IInfo.png

futex-contention-record IInfo.png

futex-contention-report IInfo.png

netdev-times-record IInfo.png

netdev-times-report IInfo.png

sched-migration-record IInfo.png

sched-migration-report IInfo.png

sctop-record IInfo.png

sctop-report IInfo.png

syscall-counts-by-pid-record IInfo.png

syscall-counts-by-pid-report IInfo.png

syscall-counts-record IInfo.png

syscall-counts-report IInfo.png