mkinitrd: Creates an Initial RAM Disk Image for Preloading Modules

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Mkinitrd creates file system images for use as initial RAM disk (initrd) images. These RAM disk images are often used to preload the block device modules (SCSI or RAID) needed to access the root file system. In other words, generic kernels can be built without drivers for any SCSI adapters that load the SCSI driver as a module. Because the kernel needs to read those modules, but in this case is not able to address the SCSI adapter, an initial RAM disk is used. The initial RAM disk is loaded by the operating system loader (normally LILO) and is available to the kernel as soon as the RAM disk is loaded. The RAM disk loads the proper SCSI adapter and allows the kernel to mount the root file system. Authors: -------- Steffen Winterfeldt <> Susanne Oberhauser <> Bernhard Kaindl <> Andreas Gruenbacher <> Hannes Reinecke <> Alexander Graf <>
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