ladspa-invada-studio-plugins: Foo plugins - a limiter and a special dynamics processor

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The following plugings are included: Utility Plugins * Input Module => alter gain, balance, width, phase on a stereo signal Filter Plugins * Low Pass Mono => gentle low pass filter * Low Pass Stereo => gentle low pass filter * High Pass Mono => gentle high pass filter * High Pass Stereo => gentle high pass filter Simulation Plugins * Tube - Mono => Valve warmth/distortion simulation * Tube - Stereo => Valve warmth/distortion simulation Dynamics Plugins * Compressor - Mono => Peak/RMS softclipping compressor * Compressor - Stereo => Peak/RMS softclipping compressor Reverb Plugins * ER Reverb - Mono In => Early reflection based reverb * ER Reverb - Sum L+R In => Early reflection based reverb
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