binutils-gold: The gold linker

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gold is an ELF linker. It is intended to have complete support for ELF and to run as fast as possible on modern systems. For normal use it is a drop-in replacement for the older GNU linker. The existing GNU linker manual is intended to be accurate documentation for features which gold supports. gold supports most of the features of the GNU linker for ELF targets. Notable omissions--features of the GNU linker not currently supported in gold--are: * MEMORY regions in linker scripts * MRI compatible linker scripts * linker map files (-M, -Map) * cross-reference reports (--cref) * linker garbage collection (--gc-sections) * position independent executables (-pie) * various other minor options Authors: -------- Ian Lance Taylor <> Cary Coutant <> Craig Silverstein <> Andrew Chatham
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