Part II. Managing Virtual Machines with libvirt


4. Overview
5. Guest Installation
5.1. Guest Installation with Virtual Machine Manager
5.2. Installing from the Command Line with vm-install
5.3. Advanced Guest Installation Scenarios
6. Basic VM Guest Management
6.1. Listing VM Guests
6.2. Opening a Graphical Console
6.3. Changing a VM Guest's State: Start, Stop, Pause
6.4. Saving and Restoring VM Guests
6.5. Deleting a VM Guest
7. Connecting and Authorizing
7.1. Authentication
7.2. Configuring Remote Connections
7.3. Connecting to a VM Host Server
8. Managing Storage
8.1. Managing Storage with Virtual Machine Manager
9. Configuring Virtual Machines
9.1. Adding a CD/DVD-ROM Device with Virtual Machine Manager
9.2. Adding a Floppy Device with Virtual Machine Manager
9.3. Ejecting and Changing Floppy or CD/DVD-ROM Media with Virtual Machine Manager
9.4. Clock Settings
10. Administrating VM Guests
10.1. Migrating VM Guests
10.2. Monitoring